Libby Lane Massage

Practical massage, working with you and your body to enhance overall wellbeing and promote healthy muscles.


A massage gives you space to switch off, let your body relax and heal itself naturally, by relieving aches, pains and tiredness, and many other physical and emotional tensions that you’re probably not even aware of.

Massages also help to restore a vigorous blood flow, which is crucial for healthy muscles.  Strong, supple muscles can readily withstand the heavy graft of daily life, and can relax when you’re resting. Another bonus - a buoyant blood flow boosts your brain power!

Alongside a balanced diet and everyday exercise, a regular massage can help you to make the most of your body and maintain a healthier, more stress free lifestyle.


I always conduct a thorough consultation when meeting a new client to thoroughly assess their needs. This is an informal process involving a brief medical history, lifestyle information and a postural assessment. Each treatment I give is bespoke and, of course, can be tailored for each session. The following list is a guide to help you understand specific massage techniques.  However, the treatment I provide may comprise a combination of techniques depending on your requirements.

Incorporating a combination of Swedish massage techniques, gentle rhythmic stretching and pressure, and using oil, this therapy is designed to stimulate relaxation, release tension and is especially efficient for smoothing out knots and relieving aching joints. Thereby meeting not only your physical needs but also your spiritual and emotional wellbeing
1 hr - £45, 1.5 hrs - £60, 2 hrs - £75

Using elements of holistic massage but working deeper into the muscles fibres using oil, this therapy gives a much firmer and targeted treatment. Given regularly it effectively releases tense muscles and promotes deep relaxation. Moreover it is particularly efficient as a rehabilitative measure to help regain full range of movement after injury.
1 hr - £45, 1.5 hrs - £60, 2 hrs - £75

This unique healing process is given on a futon on the floor. It involves a series of gentle yoga postures and deep acupressure: palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. Combined these techniques provide a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, boosts the immune system, improves circulation, and balances body alignment. I recommend that my clients wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement and flexibility – so they can stroll away feeling fully energised and refocused!
1 hr - £45, 1.5 hrs - £60, 2 hrs - £75

In Indian Ayurvedic tradition this massage is given to realign the body’s balance and provide a break from the stresses of daily life. A truly amazing experience, Indian head massage not only works the scalp, but also the neck and facial muscles and is particularly effective for those who experience headaches, neck pain. I often perform this massage with the client in a reclined position for an even more immersive experience.
1 hr - £45, 1.5 hrs - £60, 2 hrs - £75

A luxurious massage using hot stones, warm oils and ‘effleurage’; techniques that stretch muscle fibres, aid interchange of tissue fluids, and dissolve muscle tension for better mobility. A great winter warmer - but highly effective and available at any time of the year.
1 hr - £45, 1.5 hrs - £60, 2 hrs - £75

As a mother of three young children I know first hand how pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body. Among the many stresses are; softening of abdominal ligaments as the pelvis widens resulting in tightening of back muscles, extra pressure on hip joints, and swelling of feet, legs and hands, all of which often result in misalignment of posture. With clients usually lying on their side supported by comfy pillows and blankets I provide gentle massage to areas that are giving the most grief or a whole body workout depending on each person’s needs. In addition to easing pressure and pain, this therapy is the perfect antidote to inactivity – as it aids blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system that can help reduce swelling. Post-natal massage continues to assist the body as it takes time to adjust, and helps with new twinges caused by handling a baby particularly in the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms. And naturally it allows for relief from stress and anxiety and for some much needed pampering!  
1 hr - £45, 1.5 hrs - £60, 2 hrs - £75

Many people do not realise that a major root of stress is caused by tension in the back, neck and shoulders – particularly if they are plonked (often incorrectly) in front of a computer screen.  Consequently, it’s increasingly important to home in on the upper body. This simple but focused treatment re-establishes full flexibility, a better range of movement and provides much needed relaxation.
1/2 hr - £25, 1 hr - £45

As an alternative to a traditional facial, this massage involves hot towels, gentle massage around the face, neck and décolletage using some delicious aromatherapy facial oils and finishing with some cold stones to retract the pores. It's a real treat!
1/2 hr - £25, 1 hr - £45

If you would like to discuss concessionary rates with me, please feel free to call/email me on 07956208613 we can take things from there.

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