October 1st - Rajalaxmi Standing Poses

October 2, 2018



We arrived a few days early to spend a couple of days in Patnem, Goa to recover from flight and get used to the time difference. This worked a treat, as from day one we were going to bed at sundown and waking with the sunrise. We stayed at one of the very few places that were open, Kala Bahia which has rooms just a few feet away from the Arabian Sea and a nice porch area for practice. Goa was intensely hot, humid and stormy. Swinging between glorious sunshine and lashing rain, just catching the tail end of the monsoon.  This time I am travelling with my dear friend Sarah as we are studying for our first attempt at Senior 1 in November. Since I expect to be super busy with my preparations for the exam, I'm making no promises on the blogging front, but will do as time allows. We arrived at our apartment just in time to head to the evening Intermediate 2 class and were relieved to find it was Rajalaxmi teaching, who offers a great way to ease into Pune classes. We enjoyed a thorough and enjoyable standing poses class and I marvelled at the way my body responds to the instruction almost of its own accord. Right from the word go my poses feel better - taller, straighter, stronger -a greater degree of sensitivity - high definition yoga asana. Many thanks to Nina for sharing her notes with me.

1st October - Rajalaxmi

  • X legs bend forwards. Be on fingertips and lift elbows up, so that you can press shoulder blades into the back and remove the hump from your upper back. With the elbows up and fingers cupped, are you better able to move the arm bones into the shoulder sockets and shoulder blades down?

  • Same side sit up twist. Coil back rib in towards the armpit. Moving back arm further round to fully rotate the back rib. Then repeat both on 2nd leg cross. Long, thorough hold.

  • AMVirasana – same actions, resisting elbows up and pressing shoulder blades down. Shoulder blades spreading.

  • AMS – Broaden wrist and open palm, observe where the action to broaden the palm originates from. Don’t ove